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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mother Knows Best

   Mother Hubbard's Cafe is a breakfast joint in the Old Pueblo. Former patron turned owner and Detroit native, Kelzi Bartholomaei is the fourth owner of Mother Hubbard's since August 2010. She has been cooking food from her Native-American/Mexican heritage and adding her own spin to the classic items on the longtime Tucson diner's menu.
   Walking into the place, you can hear the sounds of fathers talking to their children, waitresses talking orders and senior citizens talking about there younger years among the clinking and clanking of the pots-n-pans from the kitchen. This, along with the extensive collection of cookie jars displayed makes you feel as though you have walked into Kelzi's own kitchen at home.
   Mom's entree was  the Barrio Pepper Cheese Steak ($8.00). The meat was savory and grilled to perfection with the peppers and onions adding a nice texture all placed in a fresh yet sturdy roll for easy eating.
   My entree was the Silver City($9.25). It was composed of cheese, green onions, red chili sauce, with your choice of eggs, all on a blue corn tortilla with a side of beans. I chose my eggs to be scrambled. The tortilla was yummy. It soaked up a bit of the sauce. The sauce was tomatoey and a little peppery. Also the eggs were fluffy. The beans were tasty and obviously made from scratch.
  Check out this great Tucson classic diner, if you want good food.

Mother Hubbard's Cafe:         Hours:
14 W. Grant Rd.                       Mon-Sat  6am-2pm
(520) 623-7976                      Sun 7am-2pm