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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Greek

   The Greek Patio is a restaurant that sells wonderful, fast Greek food. When I went with my Mom and  Dad, the patio was nice and very clean. The place looked like it should belong on 4th Ave, but sadly its right next to a Circle K. Parking is a challenge because the patio takes up all of the front of the building where a parking lot would of been. The inside looks like a  stereotypical Greek place with  the columns and the other Greek decorations.
   We ordered the Dominades ($4.50) as an appetizer, which also come with cucumbers and tomatoes. The Dominades were very delicious because the grape leaves were not dry like they so often are at other places. These Dominades were moist but not too wet and oily making them very pleasant. The cucumbers and tomatoes that accompanied them tasted nice and fresh. We also had the Hummus with Pita ($4.50) as appetizer number 2. I'm a pita fan, and this pita was good. The hummus was also good.  The only problem was there wasn't enough of it!
   My Dad ordered the Gyro ($5.50), which had tomatoes, onion, and TZATZIKI sauce . The lamb was good and the gyro had just the right amount of meat and veggies on it.
   My Mom had the Chicken Plate ($7.95). The grilled chicken was tender and moist. The Greek salad that was on the side provided a nice accent to the chicken.
   I had the Falafel Plate ($7.95), also I ordered fried zucchini to go with. The falafel balls in the wrap had a nice kick to them. The veggies again were nice and fresh. Each bite it tasted better and better. I only wish I had more falafel balls in my wrap.
  Check out this place if you are looking for great Greek food this side of Athens.

The Greek Patio                           Hours:
1135 N. Park Ave.                        Mon-Fri 11am-9pm
(520) 622-8252                              Sat 12pm-9pm
www.thegreekpatio.com              Sunday Closed

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Really Good Pizza

    R & R Pizza Express a pizzeria in Marana has good pizza at fair prices.The place looked really good for being open for 30 years. The were old arcade video games in the corner like When my Mom and I went we got one slice of pepperoni pizza ($1.99) and one slice of anchovie pizza ($1.99), my mom is clearly mentally ill. The pizza was wasn't too crunchy and it was soft, but not doughy. My biggest pet peeve about pizza is when you bite into it you get that waterfall of grease, there wasn't much grease which was to my liking.
   My mom got Calzone ($6.99) with pineapple and ham and my mom enjoyed it but, I think so thought there wasn't enough spice because the red pepper was her favorite condiment. Igot the Oven Baked Sausage Sandwhich ($5.99) it came with a bag of chips and a pickle. I wasn't very fond of the pickled though, for I like pickles when my sandwhich has veggies. The sausage was really meaty and good. I would have liked it more if it had more cheese with it.
 Check the them out for a hot slice of  pure fun.

  R&R Pizza Express                     Hours:
  13905 N. Sandario Road             Mon-Sat 11:30am to 9pm
  (520)682-2022                              Sunday (closed)