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Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Cheesy Resaturant

Ever since school has been back in session, I have been jonesing for some of the cheesy goodness that is mac-and-cheese. I couldn't tell if it for a nostagic purpose or my growing boy hunger. All I knew was I needed it now...AND FAST!
  Then came along a little place called The Fix. Owners Amanda Rickle and Adam opened up the place back in mid August. As a child Amanda grew up in the restaurant industry and later was also trained by her father, who was a part-owner of nine Tucson restaurants. Adam on the other hand, spent abruptly ten years as a Senior Training Manger for AT&T, inwhich he gained skills in maganging and customer service. Together they made Tucson first and only Mac-and-Cheese Headquarters.
  When I went with my Mom and Dad, walls were orange and the place was small. Also it was nice looking. Their Mac-and-Cheese came in two sizes Major or Minor. I personalty wanted a Master's in Macaroniology. My Mom ordered a Club Sandwich (8.49), My Dad a Minor Bacon Bacon ($7.49), and I had a Major Lobster (11.49).
   My Mother's Club Sandwich came with turkey, bacon, ham, a special fix sauce, avecado, cucumber, lettuce, and tomato. The sandwich had just the right amount of meats, that you could still get you mouth around it. Just enough sauce to keep the sandwich moist. The was seet hard enough to keep it together, but soft.
  My Dad's Bacon Bacon was how you say "Baconrific". The salty flavor of the bacon mixed well with the creamyness of the cheese.  The pasta it'self was firm enough to handle the cheese without breaking down and becoming too soft.  There was an additional layer of cheese melted over the top which included bread crumbs.
   On my Lobster mac and cheese there were bits of real (not fake) lobster.  The lobster itself was tender and provided a nice oasis of flavor for the cream covered macaroni.  The portion size was large and yet not too filling. 
   Come over to this restaurant if you want a cheesy experience!

943 E. University                  Hours:
(520) 305-4493                     Mon-Thurs 10:30am-9pm
www.fixmeaz.com               Fri-Sat 10:30pm-10pm
                                             Sun 11am-8pm

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tucson Trendy Trends #1:

Gluten-Free Awareness
   One in 133 Americans have celiac disease, aka gluten intolerance. It causes damage to the lining of the small intestine. Having a damaged small intestine can cause people to not absorb important nutrients and makes the person become malnourished. Some of the symptoms of celiac disease are abdominal cramping, fatigue, and migraines. There is no known cause of gluten-intolerance, but it is hereditary.
    Tucson restaurants are showing support to this under-served segment of the population with gluten-free options on their menus. Sir Veza's Taco Garage, Bianchi's Italian, Delactables and even chains like P.F Changs, and are providing customers gluten-free grub. Tucson also has restaurants that are all or mostly gluten free like Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery and The Tasteful Kitchen.
   Chefs are almost becoming more like nutritionists then chefs. This is because nowadays, more people actually care about what they put in their bodies, rather then just how something tastes or costs. Gluten-free cooking can be challenging. For example, if you use a knife to cut a loaf of bread and use that same knife to cut a head of lettuce it may not be safe for gluten-free patrons.  Chefs should not view this as a fad but rather a way of life of for their customers.
   Gluten free cooking can be great for a restaurant and chef by boosting creativity to do more to maintain or increase flavor and texture in the food. Even just changing flour to almond flour or rice flour adds a new element to the taste to whatever dish.
   In conclusion, I recommend people who are not gluten intolerant try out a gluten-free creme puff or something else that is wheatless. Then you will see how much flavor there really is in gluten-free food.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mother Knows Best

   Mother Hubbard's Cafe is a breakfast joint in the Old Pueblo. Former patron turned owner and Detroit native, Kelzi Bartholomaei is the fourth owner of Mother Hubbard's since August 2010. She has been cooking food from her Native-American/Mexican heritage and adding her own spin to the classic items on the longtime Tucson diner's menu.
   Walking into the place, you can hear the sounds of fathers talking to their children, waitresses talking orders and senior citizens talking about there younger years among the clinking and clanking of the pots-n-pans from the kitchen. This, along with the extensive collection of cookie jars displayed makes you feel as though you have walked into Kelzi's own kitchen at home.
   Mom's entree was  the Barrio Pepper Cheese Steak ($8.00). The meat was savory and grilled to perfection with the peppers and onions adding a nice texture all placed in a fresh yet sturdy roll for easy eating.
   My entree was the Silver City($9.25). It was composed of cheese, green onions, red chili sauce, with your choice of eggs, all on a blue corn tortilla with a side of beans. I chose my eggs to be scrambled. The tortilla was yummy. It soaked up a bit of the sauce. The sauce was tomatoey and a little peppery. Also the eggs were fluffy. The beans were tasty and obviously made from scratch.
  Check out this great Tucson classic diner, if you want good food.

Mother Hubbard's Cafe:         Hours:
14 W. Grant Rd.                       Mon-Sat  6am-2pm
(520) 623-7976                      Sun 7am-2pm


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Iron Chef Tucson 2012 Recap!!!

The Iron Chef of Tucson Competition has been pitting chefs of different backgrounds and genres against each other since 2007. Chefs like Albert Hall of Acacia and Steven Shultz of  Red Sky and Luna Bella have competed in the Tucson version of the classic Kitchen Stadium at Lowes Ventana Canyon. This year, returning champ Chef  Ryan Clark, of Lodge of the Desert, competed against the challenger Allen Yap of OM Modern Asian Kitchen for a chance to win the Trophy provided by Stella Artois and to claim the title of Iron Chef of Tucson!!!
The Competion was hosted by Marty Bishop of 94.9 MIX FM and Johnathan Landeen of Johnathan's Cork. He also particapted in the competion's debute back in 2007. The competers were able to bring one kitchen device and some desired ingredients. They asked Whole Foods, the vendor, to supply additional oils, spices, and stocks. The kitchen device Chef  Yap brought was a pressure cooker, which allows food to cook  at a high tempertare in a wet enviorment without air or liquids escaping. A good way for him to cook his rice. Chef Clark brought a sous-vide, a machine that sucks the air out of bags filled with foods to presverve flavor and placed in water baths to speed up cooking time. A good way for Clark to shorten the cooking time on meats.
Each competitor had to make four dishes made with the secret ingredient.  At least one dish had to include beer from the sponsor Stella Artois. The time frame given was just one hour. The Chefs dishes were judged on presentation, taste, creativity, and use of the secret ingredient. This years secret ingedinent was the highly prized Chelian Sea Bass, worth approximently $32 per pound.
Right when the competition started, the Chefs and their Sous chefs were scrambling around the kitchen slicing and dicing veggies and the sea bass. In order to make an excellent four course meal for the panel of judges. The judges this year were Excutive Chef for Lowes Ventana Canyon, Ken Harvey, Certified Executive Chef, Alan Zeman, and Executive Director of the Tucson Children's Museum and writer of ''Meals and Entertainment" for Inside Tucson Business, Michael Luria.

Both competitors had to use as much of the bass as possible. Asian flavors were featured by both Chefs. Chef  Allen Yap used varied techniques such as frying in tempera batter and searing. Featured in one of his dishes, Chef Yap won the heart of Judge Alan Zeman with fried skin (cheecharones) from the Bass itself. Chef Clark decided to go more on the lighter side and prepared more varied  flavors using other  ingeredints such as mango and prickly pear.

It came down to the wire in the end, to the closest scoring in Iron Chef of Tucson history. Then Chef Ryan Clark came out on top, winning the Iron Chef of Tucson title for the sceond year in a row.


Gyro the Best

   Honar Mahmoud is a passionate chef that loves his food and his customers.  As a child he worked in a candy store in Iran with his father and brother. Later he opened up his own gyro place in the middle east before coming to Tucson in the early 2000's to open Gyro Cafe with his brother.
   When My Mom and I walked through the doors of the place it was really cool and small. We walked up to order and there were giant pitures of  food. There was also a wall filled with gyro cafe accomplishments from the local newspaper and the internet.
  For our appetizer we ordered the Tabouli ($4.99). The Tabouli was composed of cracked, wheat, parsley, cucumber, green onion, tomato, red onion, lemon juice, and olive oil. It also came with pita bread. It was very light and delicate. You could taste the flavor of the fresh veggies and a little bit of the bitterness from the lemon. It was great.
   For my Mom's entree, she ordered the Greek Salad with Gyro Meat ($8.99). The salad had lettuce, tomato, red onion, greek dressing, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and lamb. The lettuce and tomatoes were crisp. The lamb was tender and juicy. Mom enjoyed the dressing.
   My entree was the Chicken Gyro ($7.99). It was like a regular lamb gyro but with chicken. The chicken was tender and nice.
  The Kurdish Pizza we both shared was absoultly "savorlicious". The pizza was composed of homemade dough baked to perfection with a perfect mix of spices.  It was topped with feta and mozzarella cheeses as well as greeen bell peppers. 
   For desert we had one of the 10 diffrent types of baklava Gyro Cafe had. My Mom had the Apricot Bakalva ($2.50) and I had the Chocolate Bakalva ($2.50). The Apricot Bakalava was flavorful and fruity. My Chocolate Baklava  was flaky and chocolatey.
  Check out Gyro Cafe if you want great Mediterranean food.

Gyro Cafe:                                             Hours:
11143 N. La Canada, Suite 101        Mon-Sat 7am-8pm
(520) 742-2923                                   Sun 8am-2pm

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Italian Classics

    Piazza Gavi is an Italian restaurant in the Catalina Foothills. Since 1992 Gaeteno "Gavi" Colaleo has been tantalizing Tucsonans taste buds with his fine Italian cuisine. Gavi was born and raised 30 miles inland, in the heel of the boot of Italy. He learned how to cook culinary masterpieces from his Aunt and through a lot of trial and error.
    The ambiance of the place was upscale casual. It had a bit of a Renaissance theme to it with all the jesters and colors. The out door patio was very intimate, but since it had just rained and was a bit chilly, my mom and I decided to sit inside. They had a wide variety of seafood options to make any seafood lover smile.
    For our appetizer we had Sauteed Mushrooms ($9). It was composed of crimini mushrooms in a white wine sauce with red bell pepper chucks and onions. The mushrooms were tender and the white wine sauce was light. It came in a large portion. It was so good it was temped to use my spoon.
    For my Mother's entree she had the Funghi ($16) with her choice of  house-made pasta, she chose mostaccoli. It was composed of fresh mushrooms in a white wine sauce. Similar to our appetizer, with the white wine sauce and mushrooms. The mostaccoili collected the white wine sauce it which my mother enjoyed.
    I, Foodie the Kid, got the "3-P" ($15). It was composed of proscitto and peas in a Panna sauce. I chose fettuccine pasta because I thought it would be more traditional with the creamy sauce. The proscuito was cut into cubes. The saltiness of the proscuito mixed nicely with the sweetness of the peas.
    For our dessert, we shared the Tiramisu ($6.43). It was an excellent combination of chocolate and espresso. The nice fluffy lady fingers were perfectly infused with the flavors of the espresso and brandy.
   Check out Gavi if you want a relaxing Italian meal.

Piazza Gavi:                                 Hours:                    
5415 N. Kolb Rd.                        Sun-Thurs 7am-9pm
(520) 577-1099                            Fri-Sat 7am-10pm

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just Perfect

  Yamato is a resturant in the Old Pueblo that serves up authentic Japanese cuisine. Chef  Noboru was born and raised in Nagano, Japan. He started working as a dishwasher in his uncle's restaurant, along with his brothers and other uncles. He came to Tucson in 1982 and in 1988 he opened Yamato with his wife Maria Kaneta.
   When I went with my mom the place was small and intimate. In the back you could see Chef  Noboru making sushi at the sushi bar talking to his regulars. There was an amazing collection of paper lanterns encircling the room. The were of course, there standard geishas and lucky cats too.
   For our appetizer we had the Yakatori Beef ($3.95). The beef was char braised, skewered, and in teriyaki sauce. The beef was very tender and the sauce was sweet.  There were also a hint of smokey flavor. It was an excellent way to start a meal. 
   My Mom, for her entree, ordered the Yakasoba ($8.50).The Yakasoba was composed of  pan-fried beef, steammed vegetables, and noodles in akisoba sauce. The beef was tender like the Yakatori Beef in the appetizer.  There was a slight peppery note to the sauce. It was further enhanced by the Siracha my mother put on.
   For my entree, I ordered the Salmon & Ikura Don (14.95). It was composed of thinly sliced, fresh salmon with salmon roe served over a cooked rice.  It was a wonderful dish. The salmon was fresh and  light. The salmon roe were like little burst of flavor in every bite I took.
   For dessert we ordered the Strawberry Mochi ($3.25). The Mochi was very smooth and had a fruity and pleasant flavor. It was a perfect way to end the meal.
   Come to Yamato if you want a tradition Japanese fare.

Yamato:                                       Hours:
857 E. Grant Rd.                         Mon-Sat 9am-9:44pm
(520) 645-3377                             Sunday (closed)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Flavorfull Comfort

   Owned by  Kade Mislinski, an eagle scout who comes from a long line of restaurateurs. Hub Restaurant and Creamery opened on February 12, 2011. Hub is a great place to gather for some familiar food with an updated flare. The Executive Chef, Leanne Hernandez, began cooking along side her grandmother at the ripe old age of three. She brings a passion and dedication to making great food, striking that emotional cord in all of us with her seasonal menu choices. Craig Dibbern, who oversees Hub and is Head Chef at Playground Bar and Lounge nexted door, learned how to cook out of necessity because because according to him, his parents didn't cook. (I hear that my Mom only makes five things!).
   The ambiance was very simple and interesting with the hardwood floors, exposed brick, and upsidedown hanging lamps. 
   My Mom and I shared The Glory ($8) for our appetizer.  It was cheddar cheese curds served with a Siracha ketchup.  I found them to be very gooey and ''savorlious"! They were flash-crisp so they were not heavily breaded and surprisingly non-greasy. The Siracha ketchup added a nice kick to the dish, which I enjoied.
   For my Mom's entree, she had the Corn and Poblano Chowder ($6) and a Classic BLT ($9).The consistency of the chowder wasn't heavy and was perfect for a summertime soup.  The poblanoes provided a nice bite to the chowder. The BLT had thickly sliced tomatoes and tons of bacon! It was definitely reminiscent of her mom's BLT but, better.
   For my entree, I had the Hub Burger ($12) with a side of Hub Fires. There was salami, cheese, and cole slaw on the burger. The salami added salty notes to the burger that amplified the flavor of the tender beef. The cole slaw was a tastier take on lettuce. The Hub Fries were thickly cut.  All around it was a great burger and fries.
  When we ordered dessert, we chose from over 50 flavors handwritten on a piece of fun paper.  The flavors are rotated every 2-3 days. My Mom had a 4oz Berry Melon Sorbet ($4) and I had 8oz. My Mom's was very flavorful and she could taste both the Berry and Melon.  The 8oz. Nutella Ice Cream ($5) I had was excellent, not just because it had the nectar of the gods, Nutella, because it had slight hint of hazelnut. It was a better version of Chocolate Ice Cream.
   Check out Hub Restaurant and Creamery and don't forget parking in the back.

Hub Restaurant and Creamery:                 Hours:
266 E. Congress St.                                   Sun-Wed 11am-12pm
(520) 207-8201                                         Thurs-Sat 11am-2am

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Good Day Starts Here

  Cafe Marcel is a local creperie, that provides a simple and humble way to start your day. Owned by Joe Frazier, a food loving man who served his country in the Navy and later learned under many good chefs, along with his wife Michelle, a warm and maternal women who sees her restaurant as a extension of her home. While Joe was working as a chef in a senior living community, he longed to have something of his own. Michelle knowing this, decided to Google restaurants for sale in Tucson and discovered Cafe Zope on 4th Avenue.  They befriended the owners and purchased it 6 months ago. They decided to change the name to Cafe Marcel, after Michelle's brother who is a disabled veteran. The staff is made up of only three people, the two owners and Miro, an experienced 4th Avenue server.  Good customer service and quality food are the hallmark of this creperie. Michelle says their philosophy is "to never sell anything they themselves would not eat".
  The ambiance was simple, cozy and friendly. Feeling like a French cottage, providing a nice escape from the noise of Fourth Avenue.
   The menu at Cafe Marcel is made up of savory crepes, sweet crepes, bagels, and a variety of beverages. My Mom  had the Pear Apple Brie Honey Crepe ( $7.95) and for her beverage she had a Large Iced Mocha ($3.75). Her iced mocha had just the right amount of chocolate made by request, fulfilling her chocolate quota for the day. Her crepe was light and fluffy, filled with sweet, crisp pears and apples. The sweet elements in the crepe was balanced by the strong flavor of the brie.
   I, Foodie the Kid, had the Chicken Lingonberry Spinach Tomatoes Crepe ($8.95) and a Coconut Italian Soda ($3.25). My crepe came with a herb sauce which amplified the lingonberry jam's sweet flavor with a peppery bite. The spinach and the tomatoes were fresh. The chicken was tender too. It was a wonderful domino effect of flavor. The Italian soda was refreshing and flavorful.
  Check out Cafe Marcel if you want to start a good day the right way!

Cafe Marcel:                                Hours:
334 N. 4th Ave.                            Sun-Thurs 8am-5pm
(520) 623-3700                             Fri-Sat 8am-7pm 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tremendous Tacos

  Boca is a restaurant that specializes in gourmet tacos, located where the old Greasy Tony's was and its mission is to bring Mexican street food indoors. Head chef Maria J. Mazon, participates in several food competitions and even was Iron Chef of Tucson in 201 at the Tucson Meet Yourself.
   I went with my Mom on a nice Saturday night right after I just hiked up Picacho Peak earlier that day for school trip. After the hike I built up quite an appetite, and hungered for shear yumminess. We ordered from the electronic menu board, which was cool.
Since the inside was packed with U of A fans watching the basketball game, we sat ouy on the patio on the red picnic benches.
   My Mom and I ordered the Boca Balls ($4.95) for our appetizer, which a again didn't take long to come to our table. They were presented on a small cutting board with parchment paper.
The Boca Balls were made of chipotle mashed potatoes formed into ball, and rolled in Panko bread crumbs. They were then  fried and served with Boca dipping sauce. The Boca Balls were very "savorlicious" and the Boca sauce added a sorta tangy taste to the Boca Balls.  Also
they weren't greasy like I thought fried mashed potatoes would of tasted.
   When we were done with our Boca Balls, our tacos came to our table (again on little cutting board). For my Mom's tacos she got a Macho Taco ($3.75) and a Rajas Taco ($2.95). All the tacos at Boca come with your choice of a homemade corn or flour tortilla with cabbage and gucamole. Although both tacos were good, my mom thought the Rajas Taco was her favorite.  The combination of chillis, cream cheese and corn was excellent. She wished she had ordered two.
   I got the Salmon Taco ($3.25) and the Pollo Taco ($2.50) both of which were very yummy. The citrus marinated salmon was really tender and went well witha twist of lime.The Pollo Taco had nice grilled chicken again went well with atwist of lime.
Check out Boca when you are in a taco mood.

Boca:                                             Hours:
828 E. Speedway Blvd.                Mon-Wed 11:30am-12:00am    
(520) 777-8134                             Thurs-Sat 11:30am-3:00am     
www.bocatacos.com                     Sun 12:00pm-10:00pm

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Worth The Parking

   Eat-a-Burger is a burger joint that started off as a food truck.Owners Christoper "Jass" Kroster, a Tucson native, and his wife Sineeart "Sin" Wethatham, from Thailand, opened up the joint in the Pioneer Building , right across from their original location as a food truck on Stone Avenue. Jass and Sin's mission is to bring smiles to people one burger at a time.
  When I went with my Mom we had to figure out a good place to park, which was a nightmare! It was as though the parking gods weren't with us that day. My mom doesn't like driving down town because all the logical and practical parking spots are taken or expensive. So we drove two laps around Stone, until we found a parking lot that cost cost five bucks to park and was near Eat-a-Burger.
  When we walked through the front door the place looked small and cute, with wooden tables and chairs.We sat at the bar and and we got our orders were taken by Sin and she was very nice and friendly.The kitchen was off to the side so you could kinda see what Jass was making. Also it didn't take long for our food to come out to us either!  This is a goal of Jass to get people their food quickly.
   Mom got the Single Burger ($3.95)with grilled mushrooms, Swiss, and steak sauce (.50 each) and an order of Onion Rings ($2.50). All the burgers at Eat-a-Burger come with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and  pickles. She thought the burger was nice and juicy, and it wasn't dry like most burgers my Mom had in the past. The burger had just the right amount of steak sauce so it wasn't totally dripping wet either. Plus lettuce and tomatoes were very fresh. The Onion Rings were crispy but not greasy like most onion rings. Also another common problem about onion rings, that should be solved immediately in our society is that when you bite into a onion ring breading always falls off! Then you wind up with a flimsy onion and a wet miniature steering wheel cover, but that didn't happen with these onion rings which was surprising.
  I, Foodie the Kid, got the BBQ Dog ($4.25) and an order of Golden Fries ($1.50) which was totally delicious. It had barbecue sauce, chopped onions, shredded cheddar cheese,and a slice of bacon all on a flat-top Grilled quarter pound Nathan dog from Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs. The hot dog was scrumptious every bite kept getting better then the last. The bacon was crispy and the hot dog was cooked to perfection! The golden fries were not greasy but actually we very pleasant indeed.
  For dessert My Mom and I both shared a Chocolate Milkshake ($1.50). The milk shake was thick and very chocolaty, seriously, it was almost impossible to eat with a straw, but well worth trying. 
  Check out this burger joint, when your downtown and you want a quick bite to eat, because it is worth the nightmarish parking.

Eat-a-Burger:                                 Hours:
100 N. Stone Ave. #102                  Mon-Thurs 8:30am-3pm
(520) 445-4700                                Fri 8:30am-7pm
www.eat-a-burger.com                  Sat 11am-7pm
                                                             Sunday (closed)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stupendous Sushi

   Sushi Caurtaro is a sushi restaurant with great sushi,with a modern flare.The place look very sleek and clean with its, nice white walls and black tables.The service was friendly and kind.The waiting time for our food didn't take very long and in fact it was very quick.
   For our appetizers we got Edamame ($2.50) and two Small Crab Suomono ($1.00 each). The Edamame was good and salty.It is one of  my old favorites of mine and probably a favorite for other Asian restaurant goers. The Crab Sunomono was great. Sweet ginger sauce went well with the sweet cucumber which made for an excellent "salad".It had a very refreshing taste and cleaned our palettes,which in my opinion that is a mark of a good appetizer.
 For our entree we got Baked California Roll ($5.00), New Orleans Roll ($6.95), Temptation Roll ($12.95)The Baked California Rolls were nice because it had on top something that was similar to a cheese and every tastes better with cheese.The crab and avocado inside was nice too.The New Orleans roll was very interesting withe the salmon roe and the chicken.It had a little kick to it which was yummy.The temptation roll really lived up to its name, it was tasty with the panko breading and the lobster. All the rolls were "savorlicious" all went to together very nicely.
For dessert we got the Mango Mochi ($4.50) which was nice and "mangoey".A mochi is a Japanese ice-cream wrapped in a tapioca thing and it tastes really good. The mochi was are really good ending to my Mom and I's dinner.
Check this place out when you are in the area

Sushi Cortaro:                                    Hours:
8225 N. Courtney Page way              Mon-Sat 11am-10pm
(520) 572-8668                                    Sun 12 pm-9pm

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Land Ho!!!!

    Located at where the former Lorcoccas Classic Italian Cuisine, Fini's Landing is the newest surf n' turf  in the Old Pueblo. Owned and created by the Scott Mencke and partner Doug "Fini" Finical, who managed The Hut on 350 N. Fourth Avenue. Fini's perfect combination of beach vibe with more upscale food.  It has porthole windows, flip-flop door handles, a sword fish and lady matador mural, fishing boat shaped bar with a mast holding bottles, beers, and other alcoholic beverages shelved on it. You just seat yourself here. When we sat down we saw Patron bottle lights, which I enjoy because I enjoy recycled materials.
    The  menu features various choices of a few classics. There are eight different fish tacos, six creative takes on  wings, twelve different sandwhiches and six appetizers. Many of the items have a  southwestern flare, like some food's are cooked with prickly pear sauce or jalapenos.
   In keeping with the beachy theme all the waitresses with in lifequard tank tops.  My Mom and I shared for our apeitizer, the Prickly Pear Calamari ($8.99) and the Dockside Ceviche ($10.99). The calamari was excellent and was a pretty generous helping. It wasn't chewy and tough like typical calamari. The prickly pear sauce was a was a sweet surprise but not over powering. The ceviche had a nice presentation with a scallion cut to look like a palm tree.  The scallops were nice and tender and had a nice balance between the cilantro and the red onion. The homemade chips that came with  it made the dish.
    My Mom got the Chicken Breast Coco Nido Sandwhich ($10.99) which was a chicken sandwhich with pineapple, swiss, and a coconut-rum sauce all on a chabatta served with a carrot slaw. The chicken was so tender, it basicly melted in your mouth like butter. The pineapple was sweet and complimented the swiss cheese. The coconut-rum sauce was superb and tied the whole sandwhich together.
    I, Foodie the Kid, got the Sayulita Fish Taco ($8.99) which was a fish taco with blacked fish and pineapple-mango salsa served with your choice of charro beans or Cuban-style black beans. I chose the black beans.The fish was tender and very "savorful". The salsa was nice and complimented the fish well. The black beans were just flat-out awsome.
   Check out Fini's Landing when you want great fish taco, excellent calamari, or just wanna hang out and eat great food.

  Fini's Landing                                           Hours:
  5689 N. Sawn Rd                                     Sun-Sat 11am-2am

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A little Something, Something

   The Something Sweet Dessert Lounge is a comptfy place on Speedway where you can get delicious sweets and great sandwhiches. We went for my sister's 20th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!) with her boyfriend.  My sister thought it was cute and very "loungey".  The place had a very intimate, chill vibe, despite it's vast space. After we were seated,  by our very kind waitress, I got up and got some games from the bookshelf.  We played several games such as, Uno, Taboo, Life etc... all of which I did not win...
   For our entrees, my sister had the Soup of the Day ($4.95) which was Potatoe Bacon, and  the    Tuna Melt ($6.95). The soup was yummy, full of potatoes and the bacon was an excellent touch. The sandwhich was made with a wonderful tuna salad 3 slices of swiss cheese on sourdough.
   I had the Triple Decker Club Sandwich ($8.25) It had bacon, ham, turkey and provolone on sourdough.  It was great with the ham and turkey, and the bacon gave it a ta cruchy texture to the sandwhich. The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh and didn't make the sandwhich soggy.
   My sister's boyfriend had the Ham Melt ($6.95).  This was delicious and had just the right amount  of ham, and was very yummy with the aiolli sauce. The aiolli basicly tied the sandwhich together.
   For Dessert, I had a Big A$$ Brownie ($5.45) and my sister and her boyfriend shared the French Silk Pie ($3.95).  The brownie was chocolatey sweet, with a chocolate chocolately drizzle.  Did I mention it was chocolatey?   It was the best brownie I have had in some time.  The pie was also chocolatey and the crust was both buttery and flakey with a a creamy choclate mouse topped with whipped cream. 
   Come in or call in when you have a hankering for something sweet!

Something Sweet Dessert Lounge              Hours:
5319 E. Speedway                                        Sun-Thurs  11am-12pm              
(520) 881-7735                                              Fri-Sat  11am-2am 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Liv to Eat Good

   Opened back in January, Liv Cafe and Bistro is a cafe in St.Phillip's that serves fresh, delicious food that includes locally sourced ingredients. When I went with my Mom, the atmosphere was beautiful and cuisines were colorfully modern. The patio was wonderful and even some of the customers were talking about how lovely it was. The walls were green and when you step up to order there is a shiny mosaic leaf on the ground that you couldn't help but notice (a nice cheerful addition to the Liv Cafe). Almost half the cooks in the kitchen are interns from The Art Institute of  Tucson; who are responsible for deciding the days specials. I think it's cool!
   My Mom had the Thanksgiving ($8.25) and a Cup of Vegan Black Bean Soup ($2.50) which was the soup of the day. That soup was so delicious that it should be served everyday of the week. It was savory and full of flavor. Everything in it from the carrots to the black beans went well with the stock. Thanksgiving sandwhich was probably one of the best sandwhich my mom has ever had. It had roasted turkey breast, romaine lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion, cranberry-cream cheese spread with walnuts, all on a whole-grain bread. The smoked turkey breast was thick and and went really nicely with the cranberry-cream cheese. Basically it tasted just like Thanksgiving, just without the family and awkward dinner conversations.
   I had The Guido ( $8.50) and the Liv Chopped ($9.25) . The Liv Chopped had dried chicken, celery, apple, red onion, grapes, romaine lettuce, tossed with their homemade Dijon-dressing and topped with fried herbed goat cheese. It was lightly touched with dressing allowing you to still taste the ingredients in the salad. The grapes added a burst of flavor to the salad and the fried goat cheese was a gourmet take on a mozzarella stick, which was nice. The Guido could be served on your choice of a caibatta or marble rye. It was very meaty with salami, ham, capocollo, and  prosciutto. The pesto aiolli sorta tied everything together in the sandwhich.
   Come on down to Liv if your in the St. Phillip's Plaza area or just in the mood for some really good food

Liv Cafe and Bistro                        Hours:
4340 N. Campbell Ave.              Mon-Fri &am-4pm
St. 164                                          Sat & Sun 8am-3pm
(520) 638-5786

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Greek

   The Greek Patio is a restaurant that sells wonderful, fast Greek food. When I went with my Mom and  Dad, the patio was nice and very clean. The place looked like it should belong on 4th Ave, but sadly its right next to a Circle K. Parking is a challenge because the patio takes up all of the front of the building where a parking lot would of been. The inside looks like a  stereotypical Greek place with  the columns and the other Greek decorations.
   We ordered the Dominades ($4.50) as an appetizer, which also come with cucumbers and tomatoes. The Dominades were very delicious because the grape leaves were not dry like they so often are at other places. These Dominades were moist but not too wet and oily making them very pleasant. The cucumbers and tomatoes that accompanied them tasted nice and fresh. We also had the Hummus with Pita ($4.50) as appetizer number 2. I'm a pita fan, and this pita was good. The hummus was also good.  The only problem was there wasn't enough of it!
   My Dad ordered the Gyro ($5.50), which had tomatoes, onion, and TZATZIKI sauce . The lamb was good and the gyro had just the right amount of meat and veggies on it.
   My Mom had the Chicken Plate ($7.95). The grilled chicken was tender and moist. The Greek salad that was on the side provided a nice accent to the chicken.
   I had the Falafel Plate ($7.95), also I ordered fried zucchini to go with. The falafel balls in the wrap had a nice kick to them. The veggies again were nice and fresh. Each bite it tasted better and better. I only wish I had more falafel balls in my wrap.
  Check out this place if you are looking for great Greek food this side of Athens.

The Greek Patio                           Hours:
1135 N. Park Ave.                        Mon-Fri 11am-9pm
(520) 622-8252                              Sat 12pm-9pm
www.thegreekpatio.com              Sunday Closed

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Really Good Pizza

    R & R Pizza Express a pizzeria in Marana has good pizza at fair prices.The place looked really good for being open for 30 years. The were old arcade video games in the corner like When my Mom and I went we got one slice of pepperoni pizza ($1.99) and one slice of anchovie pizza ($1.99), my mom is clearly mentally ill. The pizza was wasn't too crunchy and it was soft, but not doughy. My biggest pet peeve about pizza is when you bite into it you get that waterfall of grease, there wasn't much grease which was to my liking.
   My mom got Calzone ($6.99) with pineapple and ham and my mom enjoyed it but, I think so thought there wasn't enough spice because the red pepper was her favorite condiment. Igot the Oven Baked Sausage Sandwhich ($5.99) it came with a bag of chips and a pickle. I wasn't very fond of the pickled though, for I like pickles when my sandwhich has veggies. The sausage was really meaty and good. I would have liked it more if it had more cheese with it.
 Check the them out for a hot slice of  pure fun.

  R&R Pizza Express                     Hours:
  13905 N. Sandario Road             Mon-Sat 11:30am to 9pm
  (520)682-2022                              Sunday (closed)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Truly Tasteful

    Owned by Keanne and Sigret Thompson, The Tasteful Kitchen is the newest vegetarian restaurant in town. The place is a little hard to find when driving down Stone Ave, but at night you find it because of the lights on a tree. The parking and entrance is in the back. The entrance looked so welcoming and friendly like you were about to ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar. Inside the walls were covered with art from local artists in town. There weren't many tables probably about 7.
Even though it was so small you did not really notice the other people in the place.   When we sat down we were treated to some sunflower seed pate. Is was great and went well with the jicama and carrot sticks. The service was nice and so was the waitress (Keanne).
     Next my Mom and I had some complimentary Creamy Carrot and Avocado Soup ($5) which came with a lime and sunflower seed crackers which were made from dehydrated sunflower seed pate. The soup tasted like Campbell's Tomato Soup's more successful older brother.  It was sweet, creamy, and had a little bit of a bite to it. Also it went really well with the lime.
     After that my Mom and I got our Entrees. My mom got the Grilled Portabella Mushroom Sandwhich ($12), which came with a salad. The bread on the sandwhich was good  and the portabella mushrooms were grilled to perfection! The salad went well with the sandwich. The salad had the right amount of vinaigrette. I got the Butternut Ravioli Stack ($12), which also came with a salad. It was dehydrated butternut squash cut paper thin with sunflower seed spinach "ricotta", basically the sunflower pate with spinach, in between. The stack was great, but just a little bit difficult to cut though. There was dehydrated carrots and beets in the salad which gave it a sweet crunchiness to the salad. I also had some lemony undertones to it too.
     For dessert we had the Decadent Carrot Cake ($6). It was honestly the best carrot cake I ever had. It was so moist and rich, and the reason why is the pineapple. It also came with a candied carrot on top, which was a nice touch. The waitress said said it was a family recipe and the owners mother makes all the desserts.
     Come to The Tasteful Kitchen if you want to do yoga, take a vegetarian cooking class, hear a lecture or just enjoy the culinary experience.

The Tasteful Kitchen                           Hours:
722 N. Stone Ave.                                 Wed-Sun 5pm-9pm     
(520)-250-9600                                      * make reservations

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Navy Meals

     Started by a retired Navy Seal, Trident Grill is the one of the main U of A hangouts and secret lair to all of the Redskin fans of Tucson. It has a very homey, chill, vibe to the place, but when there is a game on it must be super loud with all the whooping and the hollering. The walls are covered in seals, flags, badges, and uniforms.
     The menu was a little limited but full of good options. We got the Maryland Blue Crab Cakes ($9) and the Mac-N-Cheese ($5) as our appetizers. The crab cakes were presented with tridents made out of thousand island dressing. They were dense and had a little bit of a smoky element. Then there was the mac and cheese, it was probably the best macaroni and cheese I ever had. Cheesy doesn't begin to describe this. It was cheese, upon cheese, upon cheese. The helping was large and great,  It could of even been offered with ham.My Mom got the New England Clam Chowder ($4.50), the helping was generous and the bacon that came with it was a nice touch. She also got the Green Chili Turkey Melt ($9) which was a bit dry. Next time she vows to get some additional Thousand Island dressing on the side. The onion rings she chose were good too.
      I, Foodie the Kid, got the Chesapeake Bay Burger ($9), it was juicy, but yet very dense. The grilled onion added a nice and interesting texture to the burger. The Old Bay seasoning was a nice touch with the burger and with the waffle fries.
     For dessert, we Shared the Chocolate Cake ($4.50). For a dessert that was not home made it was very good and chocolaty.
     Come swing by when you want to throw your hunger overboard.

Trident Grill                                            Hours:
2033 East Speedway                      11 am-2am Daily
(520) 795-5755

Sunday, January 15, 2012

From Bisbee with Yum

     From an old Pizza Hut to a swanky diner, Bisbee Breakfast Club churns out yummy breakfast and lunch options all the way from Bisbee. I heard about the place from my Mom. She often sees it driving up and down Ina Road during work. When I took my Mom, the place was packed!
   They had several of the basic breakfast options like pancakes, omelets, and waffles. My mom and I decided to divide up the menu. She got breakfast and I got lunch.
    My mom got the Corned Beef  Hash & 2 Eggs ($7.59) which is standard, yet hearty and flavorful.  She was impressed with the biscuit.  It was gigantic!  Because of it's size she expected it to not be fully cooked.  It was actually cooked to perfection!
     I got the Gooey Louie ($7.99) which is a burger with sauteed onions and mushrooms, topped with bacon and Swiss cheese, and with a Jim Beam sauce. When you think gooey, you think cheesey, not saucey, but the sauce was really good. The sauce also went well with the crispy bacon.
    We decided to share a Sticky Bun (it was on special). Because of it's size it took longer for us to eat.  It obviously had been microwaved because those last few bites were a bit chewy.
    I got the chance to take a tour of the kitchen. The manager, Terry Kyte, and all of the chefs were really nice and also responsive to my feedback about the sticky bun.
    Stop in for a bite at the Bisbee Breakfast Club when you're driving down Ina Rd today.

 Bisbee Breakfast Club                                      Hours:                            
 4131 W. Ina Rd.                                             Mon-Sun 6am-2pm
 (520) 579-7495

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Tasty Thai Roller Coaster Ride

     Thai China Bistro is one of the newest Asian restaurants in the Old Pueblo. I went there with a fellow foodie friend, Jason, and the place looked stereotypical Asian with the paper laterns, vases, Chinese woman statue, and all. When you go up to order there is a humungous menu board with pictures of food and bamboo. The menu had the essential Chinese food options like Orange Chicken ($6.00) and Egg Rolls ($2.59). Jason and I mainly got Thai food.
     After a short period of time, we got our Vegatable Summer Rolls ($2.99) which were well plated.  The rice paper was just right, gummy but not super gummy. The Summer Rolls were on the verge of too healthy with all the vegetables; if it had anymore cilantro, I would have left it on my plate. There was a sauce that came with the summer rolls; it tasted sorta like a duck sauce.                                   
     Next we got our entrees: Jason got the Chicken Pad Thai ( $5.99) which was coated with a special "secret sauce".  Jason tried to figure out what the sauce was made out of. He said it must be a base of vegatable stock with some sort of fruit element thrown in there. It really tied the meal together. The rice noodles, bean sprouts, and green onion were cooked well.
     I got the Chicken Pad Prig Sod ($5.99) which came with a special ginger sauce. The sauce tasted liked a deluxe version of soy sauce. One of the chefs told me that all the vegetables and meats are all freshly cooked and cut which you could tell by how tender the chicken was and how green the vegatables were.
     What we got for dessert was Fried Oreo Cookies ($3.99) and Green Tea Ice-Cream ($2.99). The cookie was an Oreo cookie wrapped in tempura, fried, and drizzled with a little honey. It was a chocoholic's dream. The cream was  light and fluffly and the cookie part was super chocolatety. Typically, when I have green tea ice-cream it doesn't partically wow, but this one caught me by surprise! This one was made from Japanese green tea it was thick creamy and topped with a cherry. It wasn't over powering. It was like a coffee ice-cream but green and better and was a good end of
our meal.
     Check out this flavor roller coaster ride when you're on Grant Road sometime.

Thai China Bistro
5121 E. Grant Rd.
(520) 325-5185