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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Tasty Thai Roller Coaster Ride

     Thai China Bistro is one of the newest Asian restaurants in the Old Pueblo. I went there with a fellow foodie friend, Jason, and the place looked stereotypical Asian with the paper laterns, vases, Chinese woman statue, and all. When you go up to order there is a humungous menu board with pictures of food and bamboo. The menu had the essential Chinese food options like Orange Chicken ($6.00) and Egg Rolls ($2.59). Jason and I mainly got Thai food.
     After a short period of time, we got our Vegatable Summer Rolls ($2.99) which were well plated.  The rice paper was just right, gummy but not super gummy. The Summer Rolls were on the verge of too healthy with all the vegetables; if it had anymore cilantro, I would have left it on my plate. There was a sauce that came with the summer rolls; it tasted sorta like a duck sauce.                                   
     Next we got our entrees: Jason got the Chicken Pad Thai ( $5.99) which was coated with a special "secret sauce".  Jason tried to figure out what the sauce was made out of. He said it must be a base of vegatable stock with some sort of fruit element thrown in there. It really tied the meal together. The rice noodles, bean sprouts, and green onion were cooked well.
     I got the Chicken Pad Prig Sod ($5.99) which came with a special ginger sauce. The sauce tasted liked a deluxe version of soy sauce. One of the chefs told me that all the vegetables and meats are all freshly cooked and cut which you could tell by how tender the chicken was and how green the vegatables were.
     What we got for dessert was Fried Oreo Cookies ($3.99) and Green Tea Ice-Cream ($2.99). The cookie was an Oreo cookie wrapped in tempura, fried, and drizzled with a little honey. It was a chocoholic's dream. The cream was  light and fluffly and the cookie part was super chocolatety. Typically, when I have green tea ice-cream it doesn't partically wow, but this one caught me by surprise! This one was made from Japanese green tea it was thick creamy and topped with a cherry. It wasn't over powering. It was like a coffee ice-cream but green and better and was a good end of
our meal.
     Check out this flavor roller coaster ride when you're on Grant Road sometime.

Thai China Bistro
5121 E. Grant Rd.
(520) 325-5185

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