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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Navy Meals

     Started by a retired Navy Seal, Trident Grill is the one of the main U of A hangouts and secret lair to all of the Redskin fans of Tucson. It has a very homey, chill, vibe to the place, but when there is a game on it must be super loud with all the whooping and the hollering. The walls are covered in seals, flags, badges, and uniforms.
     The menu was a little limited but full of good options. We got the Maryland Blue Crab Cakes ($9) and the Mac-N-Cheese ($5) as our appetizers. The crab cakes were presented with tridents made out of thousand island dressing. They were dense and had a little bit of a smoky element. Then there was the mac and cheese, it was probably the best macaroni and cheese I ever had. Cheesy doesn't begin to describe this. It was cheese, upon cheese, upon cheese. The helping was large and great,  It could of even been offered with ham.My Mom got the New England Clam Chowder ($4.50), the helping was generous and the bacon that came with it was a nice touch. She also got the Green Chili Turkey Melt ($9) which was a bit dry. Next time she vows to get some additional Thousand Island dressing on the side. The onion rings she chose were good too.
      I, Foodie the Kid, got the Chesapeake Bay Burger ($9), it was juicy, but yet very dense. The grilled onion added a nice and interesting texture to the burger. The Old Bay seasoning was a nice touch with the burger and with the waffle fries.
     For dessert, we Shared the Chocolate Cake ($4.50). For a dessert that was not home made it was very good and chocolaty.
     Come swing by when you want to throw your hunger overboard.

Trident Grill                                            Hours:
2033 East Speedway                      11 am-2am Daily
(520) 795-5755

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