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Sunday, January 15, 2012

From Bisbee with Yum

     From an old Pizza Hut to a swanky diner, Bisbee Breakfast Club churns out yummy breakfast and lunch options all the way from Bisbee. I heard about the place from my Mom. She often sees it driving up and down Ina Road during work. When I took my Mom, the place was packed!
   They had several of the basic breakfast options like pancakes, omelets, and waffles. My mom and I decided to divide up the menu. She got breakfast and I got lunch.
    My mom got the Corned Beef  Hash & 2 Eggs ($7.59) which is standard, yet hearty and flavorful.  She was impressed with the biscuit.  It was gigantic!  Because of it's size she expected it to not be fully cooked.  It was actually cooked to perfection!
     I got the Gooey Louie ($7.99) which is a burger with sauteed onions and mushrooms, topped with bacon and Swiss cheese, and with a Jim Beam sauce. When you think gooey, you think cheesey, not saucey, but the sauce was really good. The sauce also went well with the crispy bacon.
    We decided to share a Sticky Bun (it was on special). Because of it's size it took longer for us to eat.  It obviously had been microwaved because those last few bites were a bit chewy.
    I got the chance to take a tour of the kitchen. The manager, Terry Kyte, and all of the chefs were really nice and also responsive to my feedback about the sticky bun.
    Stop in for a bite at the Bisbee Breakfast Club when you're driving down Ina Rd today.

 Bisbee Breakfast Club                                      Hours:                            
 4131 W. Ina Rd.                                             Mon-Sun 6am-2pm
 (520) 579-7495

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  1. Discovered this place recently while visiting from Phx. It was basic breakfast fare, but DELICIOUS, and by eating half of what I was served, I wasn't hungry again for a good six hours (at which point I polished off the other half of my giant biscuit). Highly, HIGHLY recommend.