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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Iron Chef Tucson 2012 Recap!!!

The Iron Chef of Tucson Competition has been pitting chefs of different backgrounds and genres against each other since 2007. Chefs like Albert Hall of Acacia and Steven Shultz of  Red Sky and Luna Bella have competed in the Tucson version of the classic Kitchen Stadium at Lowes Ventana Canyon. This year, returning champ Chef  Ryan Clark, of Lodge of the Desert, competed against the challenger Allen Yap of OM Modern Asian Kitchen for a chance to win the Trophy provided by Stella Artois and to claim the title of Iron Chef of Tucson!!!
The Competion was hosted by Marty Bishop of 94.9 MIX FM and Johnathan Landeen of Johnathan's Cork. He also particapted in the competion's debute back in 2007. The competers were able to bring one kitchen device and some desired ingredients. They asked Whole Foods, the vendor, to supply additional oils, spices, and stocks. The kitchen device Chef  Yap brought was a pressure cooker, which allows food to cook  at a high tempertare in a wet enviorment without air or liquids escaping. A good way for him to cook his rice. Chef Clark brought a sous-vide, a machine that sucks the air out of bags filled with foods to presverve flavor and placed in water baths to speed up cooking time. A good way for Clark to shorten the cooking time on meats.
Each competitor had to make four dishes made with the secret ingredient.  At least one dish had to include beer from the sponsor Stella Artois. The time frame given was just one hour. The Chefs dishes were judged on presentation, taste, creativity, and use of the secret ingredient. This years secret ingedinent was the highly prized Chelian Sea Bass, worth approximently $32 per pound.
Right when the competition started, the Chefs and their Sous chefs were scrambling around the kitchen slicing and dicing veggies and the sea bass. In order to make an excellent four course meal for the panel of judges. The judges this year were Excutive Chef for Lowes Ventana Canyon, Ken Harvey, Certified Executive Chef, Alan Zeman, and Executive Director of the Tucson Children's Museum and writer of ''Meals and Entertainment" for Inside Tucson Business, Michael Luria.

Both competitors had to use as much of the bass as possible. Asian flavors were featured by both Chefs. Chef  Allen Yap used varied techniques such as frying in tempera batter and searing. Featured in one of his dishes, Chef Yap won the heart of Judge Alan Zeman with fried skin (cheecharones) from the Bass itself. Chef Clark decided to go more on the lighter side and prepared more varied  flavors using other  ingeredints such as mango and prickly pear.

It came down to the wire in the end, to the closest scoring in Iron Chef of Tucson history. Then Chef Ryan Clark came out on top, winning the Iron Chef of Tucson title for the sceond year in a row.


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  1. Good details and contrast between dark shadows and white areas. You may know the work of the Greek-Italian surrealist artist Giorgio de Chirico, much of whose work you can browse at wahooart.com. This one, http://EN.WahooArt.com/A55A04/w.nsf/OPRA/BRUE-8EWHDW, has the same feel as your drawings.