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Friday, June 8, 2012

Flavorfull Comfort

   Owned by  Kade Mislinski, an eagle scout who comes from a long line of restaurateurs. Hub Restaurant and Creamery opened on February 12, 2011. Hub is a great place to gather for some familiar food with an updated flare. The Executive Chef, Leanne Hernandez, began cooking along side her grandmother at the ripe old age of three. She brings a passion and dedication to making great food, striking that emotional cord in all of us with her seasonal menu choices. Craig Dibbern, who oversees Hub and is Head Chef at Playground Bar and Lounge nexted door, learned how to cook out of necessity because because according to him, his parents didn't cook. (I hear that my Mom only makes five things!).
   The ambiance was very simple and interesting with the hardwood floors, exposed brick, and upsidedown hanging lamps. 
   My Mom and I shared The Glory ($8) for our appetizer.  It was cheddar cheese curds served with a Siracha ketchup.  I found them to be very gooey and ''savorlious"! They were flash-crisp so they were not heavily breaded and surprisingly non-greasy. The Siracha ketchup added a nice kick to the dish, which I enjoied.
   For my Mom's entree, she had the Corn and Poblano Chowder ($6) and a Classic BLT ($9).The consistency of the chowder wasn't heavy and was perfect for a summertime soup.  The poblanoes provided a nice bite to the chowder. The BLT had thickly sliced tomatoes and tons of bacon! It was definitely reminiscent of her mom's BLT but, better.
   For my entree, I had the Hub Burger ($12) with a side of Hub Fires. There was salami, cheese, and cole slaw on the burger. The salami added salty notes to the burger that amplified the flavor of the tender beef. The cole slaw was a tastier take on lettuce. The Hub Fries were thickly cut.  All around it was a great burger and fries.
  When we ordered dessert, we chose from over 50 flavors handwritten on a piece of fun paper.  The flavors are rotated every 2-3 days. My Mom had a 4oz Berry Melon Sorbet ($4) and I had 8oz. My Mom's was very flavorful and she could taste both the Berry and Melon.  The 8oz. Nutella Ice Cream ($5) I had was excellent, not just because it had the nectar of the gods, Nutella, because it had slight hint of hazelnut. It was a better version of Chocolate Ice Cream.
   Check out Hub Restaurant and Creamery and don't forget parking in the back.

Hub Restaurant and Creamery:                 Hours:
266 E. Congress St.                                   Sun-Wed 11am-12pm
(520) 207-8201                                         Thurs-Sat 11am-2am

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