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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Good Day Starts Here

  Cafe Marcel is a local creperie, that provides a simple and humble way to start your day. Owned by Joe Frazier, a food loving man who served his country in the Navy and later learned under many good chefs, along with his wife Michelle, a warm and maternal women who sees her restaurant as a extension of her home. While Joe was working as a chef in a senior living community, he longed to have something of his own. Michelle knowing this, decided to Google restaurants for sale in Tucson and discovered Cafe Zope on 4th Avenue.  They befriended the owners and purchased it 6 months ago. They decided to change the name to Cafe Marcel, after Michelle's brother who is a disabled veteran. The staff is made up of only three people, the two owners and Miro, an experienced 4th Avenue server.  Good customer service and quality food are the hallmark of this creperie. Michelle says their philosophy is "to never sell anything they themselves would not eat".
  The ambiance was simple, cozy and friendly. Feeling like a French cottage, providing a nice escape from the noise of Fourth Avenue.
   The menu at Cafe Marcel is made up of savory crepes, sweet crepes, bagels, and a variety of beverages. My Mom  had the Pear Apple Brie Honey Crepe ( $7.95) and for her beverage she had a Large Iced Mocha ($3.75). Her iced mocha had just the right amount of chocolate made by request, fulfilling her chocolate quota for the day. Her crepe was light and fluffy, filled with sweet, crisp pears and apples. The sweet elements in the crepe was balanced by the strong flavor of the brie.
   I, Foodie the Kid, had the Chicken Lingonberry Spinach Tomatoes Crepe ($8.95) and a Coconut Italian Soda ($3.25). My crepe came with a herb sauce which amplified the lingonberry jam's sweet flavor with a peppery bite. The spinach and the tomatoes were fresh. The chicken was tender too. It was a wonderful domino effect of flavor. The Italian soda was refreshing and flavorful.
  Check out Cafe Marcel if you want to start a good day the right way!

Cafe Marcel:                                Hours:
334 N. 4th Ave.                            Sun-Thurs 8am-5pm
(520) 623-3700                             Fri-Sat 8am-7pm 

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