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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tremendous Tacos

  Boca is a restaurant that specializes in gourmet tacos, located where the old Greasy Tony's was and its mission is to bring Mexican street food indoors. Head chef Maria J. Mazon, participates in several food competitions and even was Iron Chef of Tucson in 201 at the Tucson Meet Yourself.
   I went with my Mom on a nice Saturday night right after I just hiked up Picacho Peak earlier that day for school trip. After the hike I built up quite an appetite, and hungered for shear yumminess. We ordered from the electronic menu board, which was cool.
Since the inside was packed with U of A fans watching the basketball game, we sat ouy on the patio on the red picnic benches.
   My Mom and I ordered the Boca Balls ($4.95) for our appetizer, which a again didn't take long to come to our table. They were presented on a small cutting board with parchment paper.
The Boca Balls were made of chipotle mashed potatoes formed into ball, and rolled in Panko bread crumbs. They were then  fried and served with Boca dipping sauce. The Boca Balls were very "savorlicious" and the Boca sauce added a sorta tangy taste to the Boca Balls.  Also
they weren't greasy like I thought fried mashed potatoes would of tasted.
   When we were done with our Boca Balls, our tacos came to our table (again on little cutting board). For my Mom's tacos she got a Macho Taco ($3.75) and a Rajas Taco ($2.95). All the tacos at Boca come with your choice of a homemade corn or flour tortilla with cabbage and gucamole. Although both tacos were good, my mom thought the Rajas Taco was her favorite.  The combination of chillis, cream cheese and corn was excellent. She wished she had ordered two.
   I got the Salmon Taco ($3.25) and the Pollo Taco ($2.50) both of which were very yummy. The citrus marinated salmon was really tender and went well witha twist of lime.The Pollo Taco had nice grilled chicken again went well with atwist of lime.
Check out Boca when you are in a taco mood.

Boca:                                             Hours:
828 E. Speedway Blvd.                Mon-Wed 11:30am-12:00am    
(520) 777-8134                             Thurs-Sat 11:30am-3:00am     
www.bocatacos.com                     Sun 12:00pm-10:00pm

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