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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Italian Classics

    Piazza Gavi is an Italian restaurant in the Catalina Foothills. Since 1992 Gaeteno "Gavi" Colaleo has been tantalizing Tucsonans taste buds with his fine Italian cuisine. Gavi was born and raised 30 miles inland, in the heel of the boot of Italy. He learned how to cook culinary masterpieces from his Aunt and through a lot of trial and error.
    The ambiance of the place was upscale casual. It had a bit of a Renaissance theme to it with all the jesters and colors. The out door patio was very intimate, but since it had just rained and was a bit chilly, my mom and I decided to sit inside. They had a wide variety of seafood options to make any seafood lover smile.
    For our appetizer we had Sauteed Mushrooms ($9). It was composed of crimini mushrooms in a white wine sauce with red bell pepper chucks and onions. The mushrooms were tender and the white wine sauce was light. It came in a large portion. It was so good it was temped to use my spoon.
    For my Mother's entree she had the Funghi ($16) with her choice of  house-made pasta, she chose mostaccoli. It was composed of fresh mushrooms in a white wine sauce. Similar to our appetizer, with the white wine sauce and mushrooms. The mostaccoili collected the white wine sauce it which my mother enjoyed.
    I, Foodie the Kid, got the "3-P" ($15). It was composed of proscitto and peas in a Panna sauce. I chose fettuccine pasta because I thought it would be more traditional with the creamy sauce. The proscuito was cut into cubes. The saltiness of the proscuito mixed nicely with the sweetness of the peas.
    For our dessert, we shared the Tiramisu ($6.43). It was an excellent combination of chocolate and espresso. The nice fluffy lady fingers were perfectly infused with the flavors of the espresso and brandy.
   Check out Gavi if you want a relaxing Italian meal.

Piazza Gavi:                                 Hours:                    
5415 N. Kolb Rd.                        Sun-Thurs 7am-9pm
(520) 577-1099                            Fri-Sat 7am-10pm

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