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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A little Something, Something

   The Something Sweet Dessert Lounge is a comptfy place on Speedway where you can get delicious sweets and great sandwhiches. We went for my sister's 20th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!) with her boyfriend.  My sister thought it was cute and very "loungey".  The place had a very intimate, chill vibe, despite it's vast space. After we were seated,  by our very kind waitress, I got up and got some games from the bookshelf.  We played several games such as, Uno, Taboo, Life etc... all of which I did not win...
   For our entrees, my sister had the Soup of the Day ($4.95) which was Potatoe Bacon, and  the    Tuna Melt ($6.95). The soup was yummy, full of potatoes and the bacon was an excellent touch. The sandwhich was made with a wonderful tuna salad 3 slices of swiss cheese on sourdough.
   I had the Triple Decker Club Sandwich ($8.25) It had bacon, ham, turkey and provolone on sourdough.  It was great with the ham and turkey, and the bacon gave it a ta cruchy texture to the sandwhich. The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh and didn't make the sandwhich soggy.
   My sister's boyfriend had the Ham Melt ($6.95).  This was delicious and had just the right amount  of ham, and was very yummy with the aiolli sauce. The aiolli basicly tied the sandwhich together.
   For Dessert, I had a Big A$$ Brownie ($5.45) and my sister and her boyfriend shared the French Silk Pie ($3.95).  The brownie was chocolatey sweet, with a chocolate chocolately drizzle.  Did I mention it was chocolatey?   It was the best brownie I have had in some time.  The pie was also chocolatey and the crust was both buttery and flakey with a a creamy choclate mouse topped with whipped cream. 
   Come in or call in when you have a hankering for something sweet!

Something Sweet Dessert Lounge              Hours:
5319 E. Speedway                                        Sun-Thurs  11am-12pm              
(520) 881-7735                                              Fri-Sat  11am-2am 

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