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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Land Ho!!!!

    Located at where the former Lorcoccas Classic Italian Cuisine, Fini's Landing is the newest surf n' turf  in the Old Pueblo. Owned and created by the Scott Mencke and partner Doug "Fini" Finical, who managed The Hut on 350 N. Fourth Avenue. Fini's perfect combination of beach vibe with more upscale food.  It has porthole windows, flip-flop door handles, a sword fish and lady matador mural, fishing boat shaped bar with a mast holding bottles, beers, and other alcoholic beverages shelved on it. You just seat yourself here. When we sat down we saw Patron bottle lights, which I enjoy because I enjoy recycled materials.
    The  menu features various choices of a few classics. There are eight different fish tacos, six creative takes on  wings, twelve different sandwhiches and six appetizers. Many of the items have a  southwestern flare, like some food's are cooked with prickly pear sauce or jalapenos.
   In keeping with the beachy theme all the waitresses with in lifequard tank tops.  My Mom and I shared for our apeitizer, the Prickly Pear Calamari ($8.99) and the Dockside Ceviche ($10.99). The calamari was excellent and was a pretty generous helping. It wasn't chewy and tough like typical calamari. The prickly pear sauce was a was a sweet surprise but not over powering. The ceviche had a nice presentation with a scallion cut to look like a palm tree.  The scallops were nice and tender and had a nice balance between the cilantro and the red onion. The homemade chips that came with  it made the dish.
    My Mom got the Chicken Breast Coco Nido Sandwhich ($10.99) which was a chicken sandwhich with pineapple, swiss, and a coconut-rum sauce all on a chabatta served with a carrot slaw. The chicken was so tender, it basicly melted in your mouth like butter. The pineapple was sweet and complimented the swiss cheese. The coconut-rum sauce was superb and tied the whole sandwhich together.
    I, Foodie the Kid, got the Sayulita Fish Taco ($8.99) which was a fish taco with blacked fish and pineapple-mango salsa served with your choice of charro beans or Cuban-style black beans. I chose the black beans.The fish was tender and very "savorful". The salsa was nice and complimented the fish well. The black beans were just flat-out awsome.
   Check out Fini's Landing when you want great fish taco, excellent calamari, or just wanna hang out and eat great food.

  Fini's Landing                                           Hours:
  5689 N. Sawn Rd                                     Sun-Sat 11am-2am

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