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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fight the Coldness!

 So I don't know if you noticed foodies but it's been super cold out.  We must come together as Tucsonans to beat this "freeze wave". What  better way to do that then with hot beverages from Crave Coffee Bar. When my mother and I braved the Antartica like temperatures to find this small and intimate place. The color palate of Crave was shades of brown and white like a typical coffee shop these days would be. Usually the art work on the walls is what people notice but, I noticed the counter to the bar in the middle of the cafe. It kinda looked little spills of coffee were all over it. ( I thought it was a nice touch). The barista taking our order was very friendly and kind. My mother ordered the Hot Chocolate ($2.55) and a Seaseme Seed Bagel ($2.19) . The hot choclate was made of 100% organic chocolate. Plus the hot choclate wasn't watery which is a major flaw of hot chocolate if not done right. Also the mug the hot choclate was substantial and held a lot of beverage but, was not heavy. The bagel was okay, you can't really mess up a bagel. I ordered a Cafe Latte ($2.65) and Apple Strudel ($2.29). The latte was topped with a froth made with a picture of a leaf on it. The latte was warm and inviting.  The apple strudel was made daily in the Crave. It wasn't overly sweet and complimented the lattes warm coffee flavor. Finally Crave also sell panini's from 11am-4pm if you to have some lunch with your coffee. So check out Crave if you want to fight the coldness and enjoy some java also.

Crave Coffee Bar:                                 Hours:
4530 E. Broadway                                Mon-Sun 6am-11pm

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