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Monday, February 11, 2013

Bohemian Rapsody

Breakfast.The most important meal of the day as they call it. When I think breakfast, I think of  the smell of cinnamon, family around the table, and most importantly Pancakes! Hub caps, flapjacks, circles of life, butter gutters, no matter what you call them, pancakes are a necessity to breakfast. Sure you can say waffles are better but, they're really just "plaid" pancakes. Millie's Pancake Haus has mastered the art of the pancake down. On my trip to Mimi's Pancake Haus flooded my brain full of breakfast nostalgia. All those HolidaySunday Brunches suddenly came to mind. The look of the place reminded me of a "summer cottage". The flowers outside were a nice touch which complemented the white windows. There wasn't a table open so there was a bit of a wait but, it didn't take long to get in. The inside was had the amibence of "grandma's" house with wooden chairs, knic knacks, old pantings all the basics. My mother had the Poached Salmon ($9.95) a 6 oz. fillet of salmon, served with cooked carrots and choice of potato, with homemade hollandaise on the side. The hollandaise was so good, there was a reason why it was in the center of the plate. The tender salmon and the tangy hollandaise was a nice marriage. The entree came with homemade apple butter and bread along with a tossed salad.  I had was the Bohemian Pancakes ($6.25) which were buttermilk pancakes with apricot topping and whipped cream. They were nothing short of specacular. It had a peach cobbler kind of taste to it. Also I had Bacon ($2.75), 2 Eggs al carte ($2.25), and Home Fried Potatoes ($2.00) on the side. Which was good. But let's get back to the Bohemian Pancakes! They were not overbaringly sweet. Each bite just kept getting better and better and BETTER! I tried, I honestly tried too eat and focus on my eggs and bacon but I just kept going to the Bohemian Pancakes. My only regret is that, I couldn't finish them in on sitting. Swing on over to Millie's Pancake Haus if you want great breakfast cuisne and some Bohemian Pancakes.

Millie's Pancake Haus:                              Hours:
6530 E. Tanque Verde Road                     Sun-Sat 6:30 am-2pm
(520) 298-4250                                          Monday:Closed

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